About us

OncoAmerica was formed in October 2003 with the aim of providing excellent service to cancer patients. We began with the integration of new services such as the use of collimator multi-leave equipment that allows the application of radiation to the tumor while avoiding irradiating healthy tissues and organs. We integrate computerized planning and visualization in 3-dimensions, a system that has revolutionized radiotherapy worldwide and helps the doctor select the area to be treated and the areas to be protected.

With total dedication to patient care, we have integrated our services to provide individual service for each patient, to treat them with respect, and to keep that service affordable.


OncoAmerica is a medical institution that provides quality radiotherapeutic oncology services for the care of patients seeking to recover their health and quality of life. Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to help the patient through conventional treatment methods or to explore other options based on research and proven alternatives.


We are dedicated to comprehensive patient care by directing our efforts and resources for the welfare of each of our patients individually


OncoAmerica was founded in October 2003 with the goal of providing the best individualized plan for the patient, utilizing innovative technologies, and integrating multidisciplinary services into a comprehensive strategy for the treatment of cancer. Our plan promotes the trust and admiration of our patients and their families.

From the beginning, we have believed that good patient service can-not be provided with equipment only. The service must be born in the hearts of those who serve the patient daily. This has been the main pillar of our service since we started in Maracaibo Venezuela almost 15 years ago. Our professionals are special and the love for our patient is obvious. We have a reputation as "The center where they walk the patient" because many of the patients arriving in wheelchairs leave them behind after treatment and walk under their own efforts. We confess our pride in what our patients say about us and it fills us with a lot of satisfaction. We are prepared to give you the best of OncoAmerica.

The Founder of OncoAmerica, Jose Rodriguez, recognized the need and has planned from the beginning to build a network of centers to provide our patient centered plan for the treatment of cancer, across Latin America. In 2008 he began operations in his second center in Venezuela

In 2016 Jose Rodriguez merged OncoAmerica with Oncology Honduras LLC, a medical investment group from the United States and formed SafeTran S.A. with the intention of bringing updated medical services to all of Honduras. . The Company has begun operations in Honduras in the city of San Pedro Sul and has plans to also implement cancer centers in La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa. In a joint venture with Ashonplafa, the Company has 35 locations within Honduras, which will bring access to the unique patient centered services of OncoAmerica to over 80% of the population.


Jose A. Rodriguez

Executive Director, Diversified Medical Technologies, LLC

Chairman of the Board of Managers, SafeTran, S.A.

James David Cowan

Director Administration, Diversified Medical Technologies, LLC

Secretary of the Board of Managers, SafeTran, S.A.

Rene Fortin CPA

Director Finance, Diversified Medical Technologies, LLC

Treasurer of Board of Managers, SafeTran, S.A.

Dr. Angel Maldonado

Medical Director


Xiomara Gomez

Director of Government Relations, SafeTran, S.A.

Moises Canelas

Director of Public Relations, SafeTran, S.A.

Rodolfo Cerrato

Director of Finance,SafeTran, S.A.

Dr. Julissa Caballero Gomez

Assistant Medical Director